Introductory Offer! $99 for a Customized Menu Review

Great news for you! We just launched our new business and are offering an introductory rate to celebrate. We have been in the menu business for over 15 years and have helped thousands of restaurants become more profitable.

How It Works

You probably already know the restaurant menu is the one thing 100% of customers will see. Often times, however, designing and laying it out is an afterthought. We help restaurants tweak and change their menu (usually in pretty minor ways) to add thousands of dollars to their bottom line. Even better, most of the edits will not be noticed by the customer.

We are offering an introductory menu review for only $99.


  • Your menu was designed in-house
  • Your menu was designed by a food distributor
  • Your menu was designed by a general marketing agency


For a short time, we will also send you a 2018 Food Trends Report to let you know what restaurants like yours are doing around the country.


  • Fill out a short questionnaire about your restaurant.
  • Upload or send us a copy of your menu
  • Within 2 business days, we will email you the customized review and free 2018 Trends Report
  • Like what you see? Based on your needs, we offer; Menu Costing, Layout and Design Services to help you get your menu to where it needs to be.


We have been offering menu consultations for over 15 years. We have helped thousands of restaurants across the US with their menus focusing on profitability. Our strategies are used by the most successful national chains and the largest Food Service Distributors. We understand the unique nature of each restaurant we work with and while we help you market like the chains, we specialize in keeping you independent.

Introductory Offer! $99 for a Customized Menu Review

Our Strategies are proven to make your restaurant more profitable. We have helped thousands of independent restaurants like yours focus on profitability.

The Science Behind Menu Engineering

We have been studying menus for over 15 years and have helped thousands of restaurants in that time. There is a science to menu engineering. We use placement, color, pricing and other proven strategies to make menus more profitable.

The average customer looks at a menu for 109 seconds. Our strategies maximize that time and help promote the items that are your most profitable.


Vibrant Menus has helped me look at my menu in a whole new way.

Restaurant Owner – Tampa, FL

You have been a blessing in so many ways with this menu and I want you to know some years down the line when it’s time for me to start my own venture I’ll definitely be looking for you and making sure that you are a part of it

Chef – Grand Rapids, MI

The report I received highlighted easy ways I could adjust my restaurants menu. I made a few of the suggestions right away and am already noticing a shift in business. I am looking forward to running the numbers.

Restaurant Manager – Houston, TX

The report we were emailed you could tell was made just for us. They took the time to understand our restaurant and offer strategies we have never considered before

Restaurant Owner – Grand Rapids, MI


We love working with small local Food Distributors.
We offer bulk pricing and will brand our reports to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on helping you compete.

Contact us at to learn more.

Have Questions? We are Here for You

Send us an email at and we will be in touch in no time.


We know restaurants!

In addition to menu reviews, we offer the following services:

  • Menu Recipe Costing
  • Menu Layout and Design
  • Menu Engineering
  • Branding and Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Full-Service Design and Website Development
  • Menu Trend Recommendations